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It's close to midnight,
I haven't thought of anything yet,
Under the moonlight,
I see a sight that makes me fall apart,
I try to stream,
But the internet is so bad nothing makes it,
I try to rhyme,
But all my ideas are dry,
I'm paralyzed!

Cause this is Filler,
Filler night,
And I cant think of nothing to tonight I'm going to write
A bunch of Filler
Its Filler night
I'm Fighting for my right to make some
Filler, Fillerrrrr!!!!

–Thank you for humoring me y’all, I don’t have anything to write so I guess it filler night!. Feat. Thriller by Michael Jackson as a parody



Bewildering I know for someone to show
Carnivorous ideas and knowledge in tow
Down the way we all must have thought
Ever encountered a word one was never taught
Finally I see a challenge for me
Going on to write a letter or three
How I may talk all about a curse
In which its meaning is written in verse
Jokes aside see it from my point of view
Killing a word isn't easy to do
Laying down structures to carry it tall
May actually prolong its destruction after all
Never in my dreams have I been so daft
Only to be given not even a finally draft
Protecting a word from modern askew
Quarrels past the point of review
Redundant words are used alot
So many are made that some may rot
Till words are made for no reason
Unless they are specific for that season
Visually pleasing is such an aspect
Where will you find another prospect
Xylose, a sugar, building them up
You merely reading breaks them down

Grabba Green

Image by: Me
Link to Grabba Greens webpage:

Today I went out to Grabba Greens a restaurant in Arizona that’s relatively new in my opinion and offers a variety of different healthy options and is quite similar to restaurants such as Cafe Zupas or Zoe’s Kitchen.  The portions are kind of confusing as the price they have labeled up there is around $10, but the size of the bowl and the change in price is not listed. So I still do not know if they carry alternating sizes or if the stay purely static in nature. Yet it seemed to be that bowls which were half & half were much larger than those that were full-grain or spinach.  

Overall what I had was a Southwest full-grain bowl, which was very good. Yet, not quite as unique as I was expecting since its structure was plain and a bowl I could have easily put together on my own. However, my mom ordered the Tokyo Bowl which looked more appetizing and unique than mine, with salmon brown rice combination which I felt would have been more fulfilling.  My other complaint was the barbecue yogurt used for the Southwest Bowl wasn’t quite as tangy, or sweet as I was expecting, but more of a weak version of any ole barbeque sauce with yogurt mixed in. However, I don’t mean to dawdle on the point since I do declare, it was quite good along with the chicken and quinoa in the bowl. I would recommend the experience to anyone since there is so much more of the restaurant to explore. With a fruit smoothie area that took up over half of their menu board as well as a build, your own wrap or bowl menu. Which I am considering doing when I go back their again in the future. 

Compared to Cafe Zupas or Zoes Kitchen, I believe Grabba Greens was unique enough to stand out on its own as a healthy alternative to the usual bad foods we eat in America today. I believe the food at Grabba Greens can be cheaper than Zoes, but not quite as fulfilling as the variety of soups and salads at Cafe Zupas. 

Oh, and one other thing was that the drink options were quite limited, with them banking on you having their custom made juices or smoothies. Which looked decent, just not quite as interesting or unique for me to warrant a try. Otherwise, thank you for reading my review of Grabba Green and I hope you all enjoy your rest of the day. 

The Surf-Interview

I am interviewing my younger brother about his thoughts on Surfing. We are all mostly amateurs, but imagine that we do know what we are saying. But we all try our best so we attempt to figure out why we aren’t doing quite as well. And before you ask, we all did lessons, so we have a general idea for how to surf.

Me: Do you think surfing is worth the effort in having to lug those huge foam boards from Arizona to here?

Brother: Yes, I agree that its kind of cheaply made its just an eight-foot foam board from Costco. Something to practice with, nothing too serious. If we get thwacked on the head from our inexperience we won’t have to spend a day in urgent care for it. In the future, I hope to get a vinyl round top.

Me: Wait, whats a vinyl round top?

Brother: Oh, its when the surfboards edged round out at the end rather than at a point. Like for example, some of the smaller surfboards have that sharp edge which cuts through the water. Anyway, I feel like if we had access to Big Surf (in Arizona) we might be able to practice more often and maybe even do much better than we are doing currently. My biggest problem currently is that I am unable to get the correct distance to stand up.

Me: Wait, what does that mean, you don’t have enough room? Maybe just go out farther?

Brother: I would, but I saw other people go only half the distance I go and still catch waves.

Me: Uh, ok I would like to disagree with you, but that would take too much time.

Brother: Hey don’t be like that man, I only go as far as necessary, no need to risk my self any more than I do. I don’t see you with any surfboard, heading out into the water.

Me: Ok, ok, no need to be like that, let’s move on… So, uh, what do you think about shortboards?

Brother: I think they are great for getting more direction and control as well as allowing greater stylization on the waves. Wait, hey, can you stop doing that.

Me: DoiNG whaT!?

Brother: Chewing so loudly, I can’t think.

Me: I’m not chewing…

Brother: Huh, anyway, I don’t think paddleboards are a good alternative for newbies when it comes to surfboards. Even if you need a larger board it only comes down to the skill of the surfer, so a larger board will only be a smaller crutch for a bigger problem. I mean you wouldn’t… wait, can you really please stop doing that… It is incredibly annoying.

Me: I am not Doing ANYthing… Ok

Brother: Then why do you have an egg in your mouth?

Me: Downt Bee Swilly I don’t got new egg. *gulp* See!?

Brother: Did you just eat that whole egg?

Me: Eat? No. Swallow, yes. That bird is a very interesting one, in fact, I think two African swallows can lift…

Brother: How were you chewing, when you swallow.

Me: Well, I wouldn’t say swallows chew, they have a gizzard for that…

Brother: No I mean you, how did you chew and swallow…

Me: What I chew with a swallow? Honestly, I was supposed to be a giving an interview, not taking an accusation that I am being a Python!

Brother: Fine, fine, no need to get upset, sheesh. Let’s continue…

Me: Fine then, what about a skimboard? Why don’t you bring the skimboard along to the beach instead of a surfboard? Wouldn’t that be much easier and less of a chore than having to store or prepare the foam surfboard?

Brother: Well, one can see it that way, but…. YES, MOM, I’ll BE RIGHT THERE. Come on Lucas its time to help Mom with the cleaning.

Me: Fine, let me just save this and we can be…

My Eyes

Image by Me

My eyes deceive

They won’t let me believe

The image set before me.

I stand my ground and scream out loud

What will the words not afford me

No light for me will shine to thee.

Not even in the morning

The ocean affords no sight to me

Its foam a gentle reminder.

That not all memeories wash away

and float above our dreams

Deep and Dark stay the waves beneath me.

Why must I always be left dreaming


Image By Me!

I was lucky enough to get to stay with my family at a Condo on the beach in California. The view is spectacular and is real change in the environment from the endless desert that is Arizona. I peer out to view the world around me to find the beach teeming with activity. Junior lifeguards running back and forth, playing a really intense game of dodge ball. The sea-gulls swoop low along the beach in search of an easy meal, as the egrets and albatross walk along the shore pecking at the odd piece of seaweed and detritus. I am pleased to say there is very little trash along the beach, only shells, and seaweed strewn across the beach in a chaotic yet beautiful way.

I wish could say the same about Arizona when it comes to their pools, when I go swimming in mine I find that the temperature is equivalent to that of a Jacuzzi. Which really begs the point as to why I would even swim in the first place? I go from hot air to hot water, which means the only actual respite is when one leaves the water and has it quickly evaporate from the skin leaving them feeling quite cold. The temperature could be one hundred degrees and with a quick dip in and out of the water, I leave feeling like I just took a polar plunge. That’s probably my favorite aspect of an Arizona summer.

Sitting here, writing this piece with the crashing of waves does evoke a certain feeling of loss, as I believe that no matter how many times I hear it I won’t ever get sick of it. Just like listening to the crackle of the fire, I realize all experiences must end at some point. I can only stoke the fire to reveal a small semblance of its once former glory. Just as I leave the beach to the dry deserts of Arizona, listening to videos and looking at my photos of my former time at the place I used to know. Hopefully, I will get to visit again in the future, yet it is that wait which leaves me in desperation for a time again, where I will get to hear that beautiful roar of the ocean.

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potato hash is such a sweet, but savory dish that instantly brings joy to any who wish to try it! My mother made it with sweet potatoes, and scallions, using both the bulb and parts of the stem within it. In order to give the dish texture and taste, of which I heavily appreciated! The hard boiled eggs were given on the side to make up the lack of protein the potato hash itself had.

The sweet potatoes were cut into cubes and placed into a pan with olive oil to fry and were mixed around with some scallions added. The scallions were cut and split into the pan cooking in tandem with the sweet potatoes. Once finished with the mixing and the potatoes started to caramelize, they were removed from pan and placed onto the plate for my family to try. Everyone loved it and couldn’t get enough, we loved the creative aspect to using the left over sweet potatoes from yesterdays dish with the black cod.

Thank you for reading my short excerpt on my Moms, Sweet Potato Hash. I hope you loved reading it as much I had in eating it!

Black Cod

Today for dinner, I tried out the black cod fish, or sable fish as it’s known on Wikipedia. It’s not actually a cod, but a deep sea sort of sable fish. And I believe they’re correct, it does have a very buttery texture and taste to it. Oh my gosh. Amazing. I highly recommend it to those who wish to try it. That fish is the best.

Yesterday we had tuna albacore tuna, which is like $2.50 a pound. And then the Mahi Mahi, which was around $5 a pound. The tuna was very tough, and tasted kind of metallic. We tried to drain the blood from it, but it just didn’t have a very good taste. Now we wonder if you use mayo and other stuff with it because of how metallic the taste is… The Mahi Mahi was awesome. Perfect.

I cook with my mom and so when we did the Mahi Mahi we kind of fried it with the olive oil, kind of seared it at the bottom. Very good, loved it. But then we moved on to the black cod today. And oh my gosh, best. It was $7 a pound though, so I understand why a little more expensive. And I learned that buying it online, it’s even more expensive(like 117 for 10oz! from some sellers!). So I’m pretty happy to get it fresh from the tuna market in San Diego! I did also get some sea cucumber, and I hope to try that as well. But I digress, the black cod was made in a very different way from how you normally make it, we tried to marinate it in a sock a plus me so however, we did not have any socket, And we did not have time to marinate it. So instead, we quickly got some white wine vinegar to replace the Sake. We had miso soup, so we mixed that with the white wine and placed all of that into a sort of deep dish

We gave it time to bake, but not enough to marinate so the flavor of the mix didn’t seem to seep into the fish itself which was kind of a disappointment. After it was taken out we placed it with the green beans, she also made some sweet potatoes baked with it in a deep dish pan. Overall I found the dish really delicious and my mom made it really well, the green beans really complemented the fish and gave it a taste I would not have initially expected! Next time I hope to make it the proper way with my mom or maybe use bacon along with the fish to kind of make a fancy sea food comfort. If you would like to try out the recipe, just tell me and I’ll ask my mom where she found it, if enough people ask I’ll post it to the board. Oh well, thank you to the random straggler that came by this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading and please a leave a comment and come back soon for more posts!