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It's close to midnight,
I haven't thought of anything yet,
Under the moonlight,
I see a sight that makes me fall apart,
I try to stream,
But the internet is so bad nothing makes it,
I try to rhyme,
But all my ideas are dry,
I'm paralyzed!

Cause this is Filler,
Filler night,
And I cant think of nothing to tonight I'm going to write
A bunch of Filler
Its Filler night
I'm Fighting for my right to make some
Filler, Fillerrrrr!!!!

–Thank you for humoring me y’all, I don’t have anything to write so I guess it filler night!. Feat. Thriller by Michael Jackson as a parody


Published by A Human Person

I am about to start college and so I believe summer break is a perfect time to get started practicing my writing skills!

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