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I was lucky enough to get to stay with my family at a Condo on the beach in California. The view is spectacular and is real change in the environment from the endless desert that is Arizona. I peer out to view the world around me to find the beach teeming with activity. Junior lifeguards running back and forth, playing a really intense game of dodge ball. The sea-gulls swoop low along the beach in search of an easy meal, as the egrets and albatross walk along the shore pecking at the odd piece of seaweed and detritus. I am pleased to say there is very little trash along the beach, only shells, and seaweed strewn across the beach in a chaotic yet beautiful way.

I wish could say the same about Arizona when it comes to their pools, when I go swimming in mine I find that the temperature is equivalent to that of a Jacuzzi. Which really begs the point as to why I would even swim in the first place? I go from hot air to hot water, which means the only actual respite is when one leaves the water and has it quickly evaporate from the skin leaving them feeling quite cold. The temperature could be one hundred degrees and with a quick dip in and out of the water, I leave feeling like I just took a polar plunge. That’s probably my favorite aspect of an Arizona summer.

Sitting here, writing this piece with the crashing of waves does evoke a certain feeling of loss, as I believe that no matter how many times I hear it I won’t ever get sick of it. Just like listening to the crackle of the fire, I realize all experiences must end at some point. I can only stoke the fire to reveal a small semblance of its once former glory. Just as I leave the beach to the dry deserts of Arizona, listening to videos and looking at my photos of my former time at the place I used to know. Hopefully, I will get to visit again in the future, yet it is that wait which leaves me in desperation for a time again, where I will get to hear that beautiful roar of the ocean.


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I am about to start college and so I believe summer break is a perfect time to get started practicing my writing skills!

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