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Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potato hash is such a sweet, but savory dish that instantly brings joy to any who wish to try it! My mother made it with sweet potatoes, and scallions, using both the bulb and parts of the stem within it. In order to give the dish texture and taste, of which I heavily appreciated! The hard boiled eggs were given on the side to make up the lack of protein the potato hash itself had.

The sweet potatoes were cut into cubes and placed into a pan with olive oil to fry and were mixed around with some scallions added. The scallions were cut and split into the pan cooking in tandem with the sweet potatoes. Once finished with the mixing and the potatoes started to caramelize, they were removed from pan and placed onto the plate for my family to try. Everyone loved it and couldn’t get enough, we loved the creative aspect to using the left over sweet potatoes from yesterdays dish with the black cod.

Thank you for reading my short excerpt on my Moms, Sweet Potato Hash. I hope you loved reading it as much I had in eating it!


Published by A Human Person

I am about to start college and so I believe summer break is a perfect time to get started practicing my writing skills!

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