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Bewildering I know for someone to show
Carnivorous ideas and knowledge in tow
Down the way we all must have thought
Ever encountered a word one was never taught
Finally I see a challenge for me
Going on to write a letter or three
How I may talk all about a curse
In which its meaning is written in verse
Jokes aside see it from my point of view
Killing a word isn't easy to do
Laying down structures to carry it tall
May actually prolong its destruction after all
Never in my dreams have I been so daft
Only to be given not even a finally draft
Protecting a word from modern askew
Quarrels past the point of review
Redundant words are used alot
So many are made that some may rot
Till words are made for no reason
Unless they are specific for that season
Visually pleasing is such an aspect
Where will you find another prospect
Xylose, a sugar, building them up
You merely reading breaks them down

Published by A Human Person

I am about to start college and so I believe summer break is a perfect time to get started practicing my writing skills!

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