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Grabba Green

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Today I went out to Grabba Greens a restaurant in Arizona that’s relatively new in my opinion and offers a variety of different healthy options and is quite similar to restaurants such as Cafe Zupas or Zoe’s Kitchen.  The portions are kind of confusing as the price they have labeled up there is around $10, but the size of the bowl and the change in price is not listed. So I still do not know if they carry alternating sizes or if the stay purely static in nature. Yet it seemed to be that bowls which were half & half were much larger than those that were full-grain or spinach.  

Overall what I had was a Southwest full-grain bowl, which was very good. Yet, not quite as unique as I was expecting since its structure was plain and a bowl I could have easily put together on my own. However, my mom ordered the Tokyo Bowl which looked more appetizing and unique than mine, with salmon brown rice combination which I felt would have been more fulfilling.  My other complaint was the barbecue yogurt used for the Southwest Bowl wasn’t quite as tangy, or sweet as I was expecting, but more of a weak version of any ole barbeque sauce with yogurt mixed in. However, I don’t mean to dawdle on the point since I do declare, it was quite good along with the chicken and quinoa in the bowl. I would recommend the experience to anyone since there is so much more of the restaurant to explore. With a fruit smoothie area that took up over half of their menu board as well as a build, your own wrap or bowl menu. Which I am considering doing when I go back their again in the future. 

Compared to Cafe Zupas or Zoes Kitchen, I believe Grabba Greens was unique enough to stand out on its own as a healthy alternative to the usual bad foods we eat in America today. I believe the food at Grabba Greens can be cheaper than Zoes, but not quite as fulfilling as the variety of soups and salads at Cafe Zupas. 

Oh, and one other thing was that the drink options were quite limited, with them banking on you having their custom made juices or smoothies. Which looked decent, just not quite as interesting or unique for me to warrant a try. Otherwise, thank you for reading my review of Grabba Green and I hope you all enjoy your rest of the day. 


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