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Black Cod

Today for dinner, I tried out the black cod fish, or sable fish as it’s known on Wikipedia. It’s not actually a cod, but a deep sea sort of sable fish. And I believe they’re correct, it does have a very buttery texture and taste to it. Oh my gosh. Amazing. I highly recommend it to those who wish to try it. That fish is the best.

Yesterday we had tuna albacore tuna, which is like $2.50 a pound. And then the Mahi Mahi, which was around $5 a pound. The tuna was very tough, and tasted kind of metallic. We tried to drain the blood from it, but it just didn’t have a very good taste. Now we wonder if you use mayo and other stuff with it because of how metallic the taste is… The Mahi Mahi was awesome. Perfect.

I cook with my mom and so when we did the Mahi Mahi we kind of fried it with the olive oil, kind of seared it at the bottom. Very good, loved it. But then we moved on to the black cod today. And oh my gosh, best. It was $7 a pound though, so I understand why a little more expensive. And I learned that buying it online, it’s even more expensive(like 117 for 10oz! from some sellers!). So I’m pretty happy to get it fresh from the tuna market in San Diego! I did also get some sea cucumber, and I hope to try that as well. But I digress, the black cod was made in a very different way from how you normally make it, we tried to marinate it in a sock a plus me so however, we did not have any socket, And we did not have time to marinate it. So instead, we quickly got some white wine vinegar to replace the Sake. We had miso soup, so we mixed that with the white wine and placed all of that into a sort of deep dish

We gave it time to bake, but not enough to marinate so the flavor of the mix didn’t seem to seep into the fish itself which was kind of a disappointment. After it was taken out we placed it with the green beans, she also made some sweet potatoes baked with it in a deep dish pan. Overall I found the dish really delicious and my mom made it really well, the green beans really complemented the fish and gave it a taste I would not have initially expected! Next time I hope to make it the proper way with my mom or maybe use bacon along with the fish to kind of make a fancy sea food comfort. If you would like to try out the recipe, just tell me and I’ll ask my mom where she found it, if enough people ask I’ll post it to the board. Oh well, thank you to the random straggler that came by this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading and please a leave a comment and come back soon for more posts!


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